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920 Robotic interval debulking surgery
  1. Carlos Ortega,
  2. Lola Marti,
  3. Marc Barahona,
  4. Sergi Fernández-González,
  5. Juan Carlos Torrejón,
  6. Samuel Pérez,
  7. Mireia Castilla,
  8. Rodrigo Guevara,
  9. Judit Alemany,
  10. Alvaro Cañizares and
  11. Jordi Ponce
  1. Gyneacologic Department, University Hospital of Bellvitge (IDIBELL), University of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain


Introduction/Background Traditionally, exploratory laparotomy has been the established surgical approach for conducting interval debulking surgery in patients undergoing neoadjuvant chemotherapy for advanced ovarian cancer. Nevertheless, the utilization of minimally invasive surgical techniques in this context remains surrounded by uncertainty and controversy. We posit that robotic-assisted surgery could serve as a viable alternative for performing such procedures, yielding favorable postoperative and oncological outcomes, particularly in carefully selected patients.

Methodology We meticulously identify eligible patients for a laparoscopic robotic-assisted approach based on specific criteria. These criteria include a comprehensive radiological response, marked by either the absence of visualized disease or only mild ovarian hypermetabolism in PET-CT scans. Additionally, a complete serological response is a prerequisite, denoted by a post-chemotherapy CA125 level below 35.

Results In this video, we showcase a case involving a woman who underwent interval debulking surgery, highlighting the advantages of a robotic-assisted approach. These benefits encompass enhanced precision, a high-quality view of the surgical area, and noteworthy postoperative outcomes, such as rapid recovery, reduced hospitalization days, and low complication rates.

Conclusion Interval debulking surgery performed by robotic-assisted surgery is feasible and should be considered in selected patients.

Disclosures No conflicts of interest to disclaim.

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