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722 Imaging-guided preoperative localization of perisplenic isolated local recurrence of ovarian cancer using a combined harpoon and radioactive tracer technique
  1. Gemma Mancebo Moreno,
  2. Ester Miralpeix Rovira,
  3. Alexsandar Radosevic,
  4. Ana M Sierra Vinuesa,
  5. Alvaro Taus Garcia,
  6. Lourdes Rubio Alvarez,
  7. Berta Fabregó Capdevila and
  8. Josep Maria Solé-Sedeño
  1. Hospital del Mar, Barcelona, Spain


Introduction/Background Intra-abdominal isolated recurrences of ovarian cancer can be difficult to localize or accessed particularly when it may be resected using minimally invasive approaches (MIS).

Methodology We report on our experience using a preoperative combined isotopic and sonographic- guided harpoon technique to locate and resect an isolated nodule of 25mm, located next to the splenic hilium in a 65 y.o. advanced ovarian cancer patient, after 4 years of being disease free.

Results A laparoscopic approach was used. After positioning trocars as an endoscopic splenectomy, the harpoon was located and followed up until the nodule was located next to the splenic hilum, close to the splenic colonic angle. We used radioactive tracer to determine limits of the nodule. Operating time was 120 min and no complications were recorded during the procedure. Infiltration by HGSC was confirmed and all margins were tumor free.

Conclusion Sonographic-guided Harpoon placement combined with isotopic tracer technique is a feasible and useful to localize intra-abdominal isolated recurrences of ovarian cancer. The combination of both techniques provides direct localization and allows the complete excision of lesions by MIS

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