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1186 Laparoscopic uterine suspension & ovarian transposition to spare fertility before pelvic radiotherapy
  1. Cem Yalcinkaya,
  2. Oumout Tzan Chasanoglou,
  3. Gunes Topcu and
  4. Sukran Ozturk
  1. Umraniye Training and Research Hospital, Istanbul, Türkiye


Introduction/Background Colorectal cancer management requires the completion of chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy. To avoid radiation therapy side effects, laparoscopic uterine suspension and ovarian transposition is an useful surgical technique.

Our aim is to show a surgical technique for laparoscopic uterine fixation (LUF) to decrease uterine radiation therapy side effects in case of rectal or anal cancer

Methodology This video article describes a surgical case to demonstrate the detailed surgical procedure. The patient underwent laparoscopic uterine suspension and ovarian transposition. We suspend the uterus with sutures into the fascia of the anterior abdominal wall to remove the uterus away from the pelvic radiation area.

Results Laparoscopic uterine suspension and ovarian transposition was feasible, easy and effective. Estimated isodoses shows that this procedure may decrease radiation therapy side effects. The patient did not feel pain and there were no severe complications in the postop period.

Conclusion Before undergoing pelvic radiotherapy for anal or rectal cancer, patients of reproductive age should be informed about laparoscopic uterine suspension and ovarian transposition. Surgeons and radiation oncologists must work closely together to minimize radiation adverse effects and optimize treatment.

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