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#879 Anxiety in women attending for outpatient colposcopy procedures : a prospective observational study
  1. Victoria Braden and
  2. Nithya Ratnavelu
  1. Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Gateshead, UK


Introduction/Background Colposcopy has undeniable significance in women’s healthcare, however the entire process is frequently associated with high levels of stress and anxiety for patients. Colposcopy is a fairly unique circumstance due to the intimate nature of the examination and the association with cancer. It is associated with fear, stress and a loss of control. In comparison to other medical procedures, women experience a higher level of anxiety when attending colposcopy than when they are attending for cardiac surgery.

There has been some impactful interventions to reduce anxiety for women, but more work is needed. One of the first steps is understanding the patients perception.

Methodology On arrival to the outpatient department, all women who attend for colposcopy where invited to complete a questionnaire that contained the state trait anxiety index (STAI) score prior to any medical consultation taking place.

Demographic data includes age range, previous attendances at colposcopy and if women understand what happens at a colposcopy appointment.

Results Preliminary data suggests that women experience high levels of anxiety when attending for colposcopy.

Data collection is ongoing and will be completed by January 2023 in a high volume tertiary centre. Aim n=100.

Statisical analysis will be performed on data to determine if there are any statistical differences in the patient demographics.

Conclusion Preliminary data confirms that women experience significantly high levels of anxiety when attending for colposcopy. As colposcopy is so important in prevention of cervical cancer, it is of utmost importance that we understand womens perception in order to develop meaningful interventions. Anxiety may vary with different demographics and clinicians can modify interventions to allow for individualistic care for patients.

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