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650 « Confocal frozen analysis » of lymph nodes in gynecological cancer: the surgeon’s upgrade
  1. Benedetta Guani and
  2. Anis Feki
  1. Hospital of Fribourg HFR, Fribourg, Switzerland


Introduction/Background Frozen section of sentinel lymph node (SLN) in gynecological cancer requires the presence of a pathologist on site, which is not possible in all Centers.

Patients who cannot benefit from frozen section in cervical cancer have to wait for the definitive pathology and to undergo re-intervention in case of negative SLN.

In this study we would like to test an alternative technique of lymph node analysis during surgery.

Recently a confocal laser microscopy scanner became available for evaluation of intraoperative margins in lumpectomy for breast cancer.

The Histolog Scanner (CE mark since 2018) is a digital microscopy scanner for high-resolution imaging of the surface of fresh tissue. It is based on a novel ultra-fast confocal microscopy technology. Its innovative design makes it highly practical for quick assessment on the point-of-care and the clinician is one touch on the screen away from visualizing cancerous cells immediately on a surgical specimen.

Methodology We will collect images of the lymph nodes of different histological types of gynecological cancers and compare them to the definitive pathological analysis, in order to create a learning program of the intra-operative analysis that will be carried out by the surgeon.

The lymph nodes will be cut in half with the same technique used for the frozen section, analyzed with a confocal microscope and then sent individually to the pathology laboratory.

Results Once an image-library has been established and a learning program has been created, routine use will save time and avoid a second operation for patients who can benefit from the frozen section.

Conclusion The aim of this study is to collect images of the lymph nodes of gynecological cancers in order to create an image-library that can allow surgeons to analyze the lymph nodes intraoperatively, instead of the classic frozen section.

Disclosures No conflit interest.

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