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697 Anxiety levels in patients undergoing radiotherapy for gynecological cancer: a Tunisian prospective study
  1. Ayadi Hadhemi,
  2. Ben Hssine Samia,
  3. Jaffel Hajer,
  4. Abid Wiem and
  5. Mahjoub Najet
  1. Radiotherapy and Oncology Department, Jendouba, Tunisia


Introduction/Background To assess anxiety levels in patients undergoing radiotherapy for gynaecological cancer and identify its predictive factors.

Methodology This is a prospective study involving 60 patients undergoing radiotherapy between July and September 2023. A questionnaire was administered to the patients. The psychological state of the patients was assessed using the STAI_Y1 scale. Scores were categorized as follows: >65: very high, 56–65: high, 46–55: moderate, 36–45: low, and <=35: very low. Pearson and Spearman’s tests were used to study the correlation between anxiety levels and its predictors.

Results The average age was 58 years [32–70], with 60% being over 40 years old. Tumour locations were as follows: endometrium in 60% of cases, breast in 21% of cases, and uterine cervix in 19% of cases. No patient had metastasis. Seventeen per cent of patients underwent their first radiotherapy session. Demographic characteristics were as follows: 80% of patients were married, 27% had a university education, 80% were employed, 30% had a good financial situation, and 56% came from an urban environment. Twenty per cent of patients had a family member who had undergone cancer treatment. Anxiety scores were very high at 16%, high at 20%, moderate at 23%, low at 31%, and very low at 10%. Factors showing a significant correlation with high or very high anxiety levels were age <40 (p=0.001), university education (p=0.048), and urban environment (p=0.03).

Conclusion This study allows us to predict the predictive factors of anxiety during radiotherapy to identify and help vulnerable patients cope with their psychological distress.

Disclosures No financial interest.

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