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602 Nursing at follow-ups – a qualitative study of the patients’ expectations of nursing at follow-up visits after surgery for gynecological cancer
  1. Amanda Tærsbøl Wiemann and
  2. Marianne Charlotte Johnsen
  1. University Hospital Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Denmark


Introduction/Background Studies show that patients experience the gynecologist primarily focuses on physical check-up and whether there is recurrence of cancer. In a rehabilitation perspective the nurse could be a resource in relation to the patients’ psychosocial challenges. Literature indicates that needs assessment in the entire follow-up process is not carried out systematically and that nursing skills can be advantageously included in this.

The purpose of this study was to investigate patients´ expectations of nursing at the follow-up visit after surgery for gynecological cancer.

Methodology Data was collected using qualitative semi-structured interviews of 10 patients, after follow-ups in the outpatient clinic. Data was thematized using a hermeneutic approach.

Two themes were identified The patients had expectations of 1) the nurse as a human being. An expectation that a nurse possessed basic human qualities. 2) Expectations of the nurse as a professional. In the context that the nurse is more important to the gynecologist than to the patient at the follow-up. In contrast to nursing in the outpatient clinic, the patients experienced that nursing care in the bed ward in the postoperative course was of very great importance.

Conclusion The patients‘ experiences with nursing in the outpatient clinic are person related. If the patient is to benefit from the nurse’s professional knowledge, then the division of roles between the gynecologist and the nurse must be redefined and clarified. The advantage is that all the patient‘s challenges can be addressed and remedied.

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