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472 Atypical locations in cervical cancer staging
  1. Anna Torrent,
  2. Joana Amengual,
  3. Catalina Maria Sampol,
  4. Mario Ruiz,
  5. Jorge Rioja and
  6. Octavi Cordoba
  1. Son Espases University Hospital, Palma De Mallorca, Spain


Introduction/Background The aim of this video is to show different atypical locations found in our institution during sentinel lymph node detection (SLN) in early cervical cancer staging as well as an anatomical atypical location during robotic-assisted para-aortic lymphadenectomy in a patient with advanced cervical cancer.

Methodology This is a video about 3 atypical locations that we found during a prospective, observational, descriptive, single-center study conducted at Son Espases University Hospital between January 2019 and October 2023. Patients with clinical early-stage CC who underwent SLN mapping during surgical staging were included. External iliac and obturator nodes were defined as common SLN locations. Para-aortic, common iliac, presacral, internal iliac and parametrial nodes were defined as uncommon locations.

Patients with Advanced Cervical Cancer with negative PET-CT in para-aortic area, a Robotic-assisted para-aortic lymphadenectomy was performed.

Results 39 patients were included. 10.3% of SLN were located in an atypical area. In this 4 minute video we show one Presacral SLN (20%), one Parametrial SLN (26,7%) and a left renal vein crossing behind the Aorta (retroAorta), found during para-aortic staging with advanced cervical cancer.

This three short videos provide interesting anatomical images and have teaching purposes

Conclusion A careful inspection of all drainage during SLN technique is important in order to localize all SLNs, including atypical areas.

We must be careful during surgical dissection and keep in mind that in the para-aortic area anatomical variants are not uncommon.

Disclosures Tha authors have no conflicts of interest.

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