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661 Vulvar cancer: about 58 cases
  1. Fadwa Atfi,
  2. Soukaina Sabir,
  3. Hajar Elomri and
  4. Bensouda Mohamed El Mehdi
  1. CHU IBN ROCHD, Casablanca, Morocco


Introduction/Background Vulvar cancer is a rare neoplastic condition which represents 3 to 5% of genital cancers in women. The objective of our study is to study the epidemiological, anatomo-clinical, therapeutic profile, and prognosis of vulvar cancer treated in the gyneco-obstetrics department (c), of the Ibn Rochd University Hospital in Casablanca.

Methodology This is a retrospective study of 58 cases of vulvar cancer collected at the gyneco-obstetrics department (c) of the Ibn Rochd University Hospital in Casablanca over a period of ten years.

Results The average age of our patients is 62 years (26–85). The majority of our patients are multiparous and postmenopausal. The reason for consultation is represented mainly by exaggeration of pruritus (81.1%) and by the perception of vulvar mass (70.7%). The budding and ulcero-budding forms represent 74.1% of cases. The most common histological type is squamous cell carcinoma. Stage II is found in almost half of cases.

All the women in our series underwent surgery, 93.1% of cases underwent radical treatment (total vulvectomy with lymph node dissection) and 6.9% of cases underwent partial vulvectomy. The recidivism rate is 22.5%.

Conclusion At the end of this study, we highlight the seriousness of vulvar cancer and the importance of early diagnosis of precancerous lesions which can improve the prognosis. Surgery constitutes the main part of the treatment and essentially depends on the stage of the tumor. Early stages have a better prognosis. At advanced stages, treatment is rather palliative. Tumor size and lymph node status are the most important prognostic factors. These two factors are the most common in our series.

Disclosures Nothing to disclose.

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