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630 Primary malignant melanoma of the female genital tract: about 5 cases
  1. Nour El Houda Mekkaoui
  1. CHU Hassan II GO I, Fes, Morocco


Introduction/Background Malignant melanoma is an aggressive tumor of the skin and mucous membranes that develops in melanocytes.

Mucosal melanoma is an extremely rare tumor. It represents 0.03% of all cancers. Its location in the female genital mucosa represents less than 2% of all melanomas. In this case, it occurs in the vagina and vulva, more rarely in the cervix.

Methodology We report in our study five cases of primary melanoma of the female genital tract :1 case of vulvar melanoma, 3 cases of vaginal melanoma, and 1 case of cervical melanoma.Our objective is to analyze the epidemiological, clinical, therapeutic and evolutionary factors of this pathology.

Results Our patients were aged 76 years, 75 years, 64 years, 46 years and 45 years respectively. The main reason for consultation was metrorrhagia. One of the patients consulted for the discovery of a vulvar mass. All patients benefited from a biopsy confirming the histological diagnosis of melanoma. An evaluation of tumor extension was performed in all patients, and showed metastatic lesions in 60% of cases. Only one patient received surgical treatment which consisted of a vulvectomy with bilateral inguinal curage ; while the other patients were referred for chemotherapy. One patient was lost to follow-up before treatment.

Conclusion Primary malignant melanoma of the female genital tract is an extremely rare location. The diagnosis is often initially unknown and is made at a late stage. Its management is not codified, with several therapies proposed, particularly for metastatic melanoma. Its evolution is unfavorable with frequent visceral metastases and a very short survival.

The discovery of a c-Kit mutation suggests that c-Kit inhibitors, such as imatinib or sunitinib, may improve survival.

Disclosures The authors declare that they have no conflict of interest.

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