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604 Recurrence patterns and survival outcomes of vulval squamous cell carcinoma – a twelve-year retrospective analysis of a tertiary centre
  1. Ahmed Darwish,
  2. Lamiese Ismail,
  3. Sean Kehoe and
  4. Hooman Soleymani Majd
  1. Oxford University Hospital, Oxford, UK


Introduction/Background Vulval cancer is a rare gynaecological malignancy. HPV infection and lichen sclerosis are responsible for premalignant lesions. Recurrence occurs in 12–37% of cases. Around 40–80% of recurrences occur within the first two years.

We aimed to examine the recurrence patterns and survival outcomes of vulval SCC in our cancer centre.

Methodology This is a retrospective cohort study of women who received treatment at Oxford University Hospitals between February 2010 and July 2022 for primary vulval squamous cell carcinoma.


  • We included 98 cases in our study.

  • The median age at diagnosis was 68 years.

  • HPV infection and Lichen sclerosis were observed in 21 and 55 respectively.

  • Surgical excision was the primary treatment. 27 patients had adjuvant treatment (radiotherapy = 19), chemotherapy = 1 and chemoradiotherapy = 7). 16 patients required a secondary operation. 86 cases underwent inguinofemoral lymph node dissection.

  • Recurrence within 2 years was more common among patients with advanced FIGO stage (p=0.047, RR 2.07) and extracapsular spread of lymph node metastasis (p=0.013, RR 3.33).

  • Local recurrence in stage I patients was associated with lichen sclerosis (p=0.013), negative HPV status (0.057), margin involvement by VIN (0.004) and proximity of tumour to margin by ≤8mm (p=0.002).

  • Worse survival outcomes were observed with higher tumour grade (p=0.015), advanced FIGO stage (p<0.001), lymph node involvement (p<0.001, HR 6.39), extracapsular spread (p<0.001, HR 7.67), lymphovascular space invasion (p<0.001, HR 5.16) and perineural invasion (p=0.009, HR 3.34), HPV-independent cancer (p=0.066, HR 3.85), and recurrence (p<0.001, HR 3.79), particularly if it occurred within two years (p<0.001, HR 25.53).


  • Recurrence within 2 years was associated with advanced stage and extracapsular extension.

  • Local recurrence was influenced with lichen sclerosis, HPV status, margin status.

  • Poor survival with higher grade, advanced stage, LN involvement, extracapsular spread, lymphovascular and perineural invasion, HPV-independent cancer, and recurrence.

Disclosures The authors declare no conflict of interest.

This research received no external funding.

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