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30 The effect of vitamin A on decreased β-HCG production in molar pregnancy
  1. Mahdiss Mohamadianamiri
  1. IUMS, Tehran, Iran


Introduction/Background Gestational trophoblastic disease (GTD) is defined as a group of disorders; they are characterized by uncontrolled trophoblastic cell proliferation and overproduction of β-HCG. It seems that an inappropriate diet is one of the major risk factors of GTD. Regardless of the size of the uterus; mole depletion by curettage suction is usually the preferred treatment. This study aimed to evaluate the effect of vitamin A and curettage suction on the faster reduction of β-hCG level, and faster recovery of disease, consequently

Methodology In this study case (n=26) and control (n=26) groups received 50,000 IU of vitamin A intramuscularly, before and after curettage. β-hCG was measured weekly and after reaching zero every month for six months. RIA was used for measurement

Results Vitamin A reduced the level of β-hCG to zero in the patient compared to the control, one week earlier; this effect was statistically significant (P-Value <0.05). One of the members of the control group during follow-up progressed to gestational trophoblastic disease (GTN). There was no significant relationship between ABO blood groups among the two groups (P-Value: 0.9). There was no significant relationship between gravity, parity and hematology parameters between the two groups (P- Value >0.05)

Conclusion Finally, it can be said that vitamin A intake in patients with GTD, along with other therapies, can improve the speed of recovery; it can prevent the disease progression. However, it does not prevent progression to GTN, completely. Therefore, further studies are needed in future studies.

Disclosures Vit A can improve the speed of recovery and it can prevent the disease progression in GTD.

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