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1210 Assessment of anxiety and depression in women treated for cervical cancer
  1. Nadia Bouzid,
  2. Haifa Haj Abdallah,
  3. Sabrine Tebessi,
  4. Rym Zanzouri,
  5. Rihem Fayala and
  6. Sameh Tebra
  1. Radiation Oncology Department, Farhat Hached Hospital, Sousse, Tunisia


Introduction/Background Recognizing the profound psychological impact of cervical cancer (CC) and its therapeutic interventions, our investigation aims to shed light on the prevalence and factors contributing to anxiety and depression in this specific female population.

Methodology We report through a descriptive cross-sectional study, 30 cases of CC treated by radiotherapy at Farhat Hached university hospital’s radiotherapy department in Sousse, Tunisia, between 2006 and 2020. We conducted an assessment of anxiety and depression using a standardized psychometric scale: Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HAD-S).

Results In our study, the mean HAD_S score was recorded at 14.9. A pathological level of anxiety and depression was observed in 56.6% of cases. In univariate analysis, vaginal ulceration, marital discord before and after cancer diagnosis, negative partner reaction to the diagnosis, lack of communication and support from the partner during cancer follow-up, poor sexual relationship before and after diagnosis, decreased frequency of sexual intercourse after diagnosis and completion of treatment, patients‘ beliefs regarding cervical cancer and sexual intercourse, and absence of information provided to the partner about the nature of the disease and treatment side effects significantly increased anxiety and depression.

In multivariate analysis, a decrease in the monthly frequency of sexual intercourse after the completion of treatment emerged as an independent predictive factor for anxiety and depressive disorders.

Conclusion These insights underscore the importance of comprehensive psychosocial care and targeted interventions to address the mental health challenges faced by women during and after cervical cancer treatment.

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