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1190 Body image, self esteem, and influence on the couple relationships in breast cancer patients
  1. Ines Mlayah,
  2. Mouna Ben Rejeb,
  3. Rim Moujahed,
  4. Lilia Ghorbal and
  5. Lotfi Kochbati
  1. Abderrahman Mami Hospital, Ariana, Tunisia


Introduction/Background Breast cancer (BC) is a stressful event, leading to difficult physical and emotional challenges.

The aim of this study was to assess body image (BI) and self esteem (SE) issues in women going through treatment for BC.

Patients’ relationship with their partners was also assessed to evaluate its impact on their mental health.

Methodology A descriptive cross sectional study was conducted. The sample consisted of 50 women who had undergone mastectomy.

The study instruments included 3 validated questionnaires : the Body image scale (BIS), with a threshold at 10, the Rosenberg Self Esteem scale (RSE), and the Dyadic adjustment scale (DAS).

Results The mean age of the patients was 40 years old. Eighty-eight percent of women had chemotherapy.

As for our patients’ status, 76% of the women were married or in a relationship, with an average of 10 years of marriage. 74% of patients were employed while 26% were unemployed.

Forty-six percent of patients have gone to college, while 30% had quit at high school, and 24% didn’t go past primary school.

The mean rate on the BIS was 10,16, with 54% of women being satisfied with their BI.

The analysis of RSE showed that 44% scored high SE, 30% showed medium and 26% low SE.

Being employed (p=0,03) and satisfied with their BI (p=0,013) were factors correlated with a higher SE.

Our patients’ couple relationship rate was an average of 106,24 on the DAS scale, indicating a good partner relationship.

A good couple relationship significantly correlated with a better BI (P=0,004).

Conclusion Our study found that better BI was positively correlated with a good couple relationship. Women who were employed and satisfied with their BI showed a higher SE.

More interventions focused on the development of positive BI and SE in are recommended, in order to improve their quality of life.

Disclosures No conflict of interest to disclose.

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