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1135 Women and partner experience of completion surgery on ovarian protocol. A qualitative study
  1. Zainab Zubair and
  2. Somer Masood
  1. Kemu, Lahore, Pakistan


Introduction/Background Ovarian cancer is one of the most common causes of cancer-related deaths in women of developed nations. They should be diagnosed early for better chances at curing it to avoid the high rates of morbidity and mortality. in recent years, due to advances in chemotherapy, disease free and overall survival has improved significantly. this study was planned to examine the women and her partner experience of going through the major surgery .

Methodology Semi structured interviews were conducted with 40 patients along side their partners. Thematic analysis was employed for analysis study was conducted at gynae onc unit at KEMU, Lahore

Results Two major themes were identified

1.From symptoms to clinical diagnosis, included factors that increased the concern in the couple, such as incomprehensible medicle terminology, tense atmosphere and difficulty in diagnostic procedures.

2.Feeling secure and bonded during the treatment process....describes variables that helped the couple to remain strong and bonded during situations such as thorough explanation from HCP regarding diagnosis and clear management plan that reflected the complete control of situation by treating team. Although the stress was immense yet the strong family bonding did the wonders.

Conclusion Factors such as small gestures from HCP and appropriate organisation of treatment pathway can make a diffence to the women and her partner experience.

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