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1017 Uncovering the vulnerability of cancer survivals, violence and maternal health risk during floods in Pakatan
  1. Zainab Zubair
  1. Kemu, Lahore, Pakistan


Introduction/Background Flood effected areas pose and threat to women safety and health and the scenario is no different for cancer survives. more than 500000 Women who have been treated for cancer are resting in flood effected region of Pakistan and another 100000 are anticipated to be seeking for treatment of some form of cancer, in flood effected region of Pakistan.

The objective of this study was to determine the prevalence of violence and its impact on maternal health during flood in Punjab and identifying factors that contributed to poor maternal health outcomes amongst the cancer survivors.

Methodology This study was conducted in an IDP camp located at Rajhanpur in south Punjab and descriptive cross sectional study was carried out among the cancer survivors who were residing the camp. 200 internally displaced women, consented to participate, were recruited into the study. a pre tested semi structed questionnaire was used to collect data from the participant.

Results Amongst the participants 41% of the female were aged more than 50 years and 67% of the participants were uneducated surprisingly 85% of the female to have experienced psychological stress during the uncertain period of floods with limited access to health care and lack of preparedness in new settings. 85% of the female were malnourished and 100% of the participants complaints about lack of clean water and sanitation.

Conclusion Women in disaster effected areas are in increase risk of experiencing violence and suffering. Factors such as displacement lack of access to health care services and break down of social support system contribute significantly to these risk.

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