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231 Prospective case series study presenting the outcome bipolar non-ablative radiofrequency in the treatment of valvovaginal atrophy (VVA) induced sexual dysfunction in endometrial cancer survivors
  1. Ana-Maria Mihai1 and
  2. Nabil Elmahdawi2
  1. 1Woman and Child health institute, Alessandresu-Rusescu, Bucharest, Romania
  2. 2Queen’s Centre for Oncology, Cottingham, UK


Introduction/Background Cancer and cancer treatment has countless negative consequences; loss of sexual function leads to negative impact on the quality of life (QOL) and ranks 5th highest unmet need among cancer survivors. This prospective case series analysis presents the outcome and the improvement of the sexual function consequently the QOL after RF therapy in uterine cancer treatment induced VVA, using the validated tool of female sexual functioning index (FSFI) and QOL score (QOLS) analysis at 6 weeks.

Methodology Over a period of 12 months from June 2021, 35 adenocarcinoma uterine cancer survivors data of FSFI and QOLS were collected and studied before and after intravaginal and valval radiofrequency (RF) treatment, all cancer cases were treated radically with a curative intend as per European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO) Guidelines. RF was performed using bipolar non-ablative device with a sterile purpose-made gynaecological applicator. Output frequency was set at 480 kHz and temperature during treatment did not exceed 40 Celsius degrees per session. The course delivered in 4 fractionated sessions with hyaluronic acid base gel RF lubrication 7 days apart. Simple statistical methods has been applied in the analysis.

Results All 35 cases has shown mean improvement in the FSFI from 5.5 (4–7) points to 30 (28–34) points reflecting to a better sexual function and an improvement in the QOL by 70% or more gaining 7 to 8 points in the QOLS was also observed at 6 weeks after treatment. There was no immediate or delayed adverse events observed to date.

Conclusion From this prospective data presentation we can observe the use of fractionated bipolar non-ablative RF can provide a safe and non-hormonal remedy to cancer treatment induced VVA and sexual dysfunction in endometrial cancer survivors with a positive reflection on QOL. Randomised control trials would be recommended in this field.

Disclosures No disclosure to disclose in relation to this conference or the submitted of this abstract.

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