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1318 HrHPV infection prevalence in woman with NILM cytology
  1. Sofia Alexandra Mendes Raposo Dinis
  1. IPO-Coimbra, Coimbra, Portugal


Introduction/Background HPV can persist in the cervix, even in women with normal cytology results. Some women can have a persistent HPV infection for an extended period without developing precancerous or cancerous changes. The duration of HPV persistence can vary widely among individuals and may be influenced by factors such as the specific HPV type, the person’s immune system, and other variables.

Methodology Categorical variables are presented through absolute frequencies and percentages. In univariate analyses, the Chi-Square test was employed.

In multivariate analysis, both univariate and multivariate logistic regression were used to examine the impact of each parameter on persistence.

All data were analyzed using IBM-SPSS software version 28.0 (IBM Corporation, New York, USA). Statistically significant differences or associations were considered at p < .05.’

Results In a population of women with NILM cytology (n=6686) two populations were compared, one with no HPV persistence and the other with HPV persistence in two or more observations, to investigate factors contributing to HPV persistence. Out of the women studied, 759 maintained HPV persistence (11.4%). HPV persistence was more prevalent in the 30–39 age group (n=210). The risk of HPV persistence increases with age with statistically significant differences (p <0,05).

The risk of persistence was associated with hormonal oral contraception, secondary or higher education, smoking, and primiparity (but without statistically significant association).

Conclusion Risk factors associated with HPV persistence in the literature can vary depending on the studies and populations investigated. Our study is in line with what we can find in the literature that age is one of the most important risk factors. It’s important to discuss any concerns or risk factors with a healthcare professional for proper monitoring and preventive measures.

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