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1138 Colposcopy clinical variants of congenital transformation zone of the cervix
  1. Nataliya Lygyrda1,2,
  2. Anna Svintsitska1,2 and
  3. Valentyn Svintsitskyi1,2
  1. 1Medical Centre of Colposcopy, Kyiv, Ukraine
  2. 2National Cancer Institute, Kyiv, Ukraine


Introduction/Background The congenital transformation zone (CTZ) of the cervix is the most frequent precondition for the development of intraepithelial neoplasia on the vaginal walls and vaults. The technical impossibility and inadequacy of using excisional and standard surgical treatment methods in this case is apparent.

Today there is not enough specialised literature data on the classification, diagnosis, and management of CTZ and the spread of atypical epithelium on the vaginal walls and vault against CTZ background.

A prospective study to establish the main clinical variants of the congenital transformation zone was done in the Medical Centre of Colposcopy (Kyiv, Ukraine).

Methodology All the main examination methods of patients with cervical pathology were used: colposcopy, cytological and histological results for classifying different clinical variants of the CTZ to determine the specifics of diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring for each in future.

Results The main 4 clinical variants of CTZ were established. The total amount of the group is 142 patients. Variant 1 (within and outside the transformation zone) includes 80 patients (56.34%). Variant 2 (isolated areas connected as a bridge) includes 18 patients (12.67%). Variant 3 (unconnected multifocal areas) includes 37 patients (26.06%). A particular variant 4 (vaginal adenosis) includes 7 patients (4.93%).

Conclusion This classification will make it possible to develop a practical algorithm for examining and managing patients with CTZ to avoid the development of high-grade cervical intraepithelial neoplasia and preserve the health of women with CTZ.

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