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126 Select and treat at guy’s and St. Thomas’ hospital colposcopy unit
  1. Mansi Tiwari,
  2. Gulnaz Majeed,
  3. Rahul Nath,
  4. Ahmad Sayasneh and
  5. Gautam Mehra
  1. Guy’s and St.Thomas’ Hospital, London, UK


Introduction/Background Colposcopy clinics can offer treatment at first visit to colposcopy for a high grade referral. The proportion of individuals treated at the first visit who have evidence of CIN2, CIN3, or CGIN on histology must be ≥90%.

Methodology Aims & objectives of the audit:

  1. Referral cytology

  2. Colposcopy opinion

  3. Depth of excision according to transformation zone.

  4. Removal of specimen as single specimen.

  5. Histology diagnosis

  6. MDT discussion

  7. Repeat treatment

Methods Data collected from viewpoint database of colposcopy unit at Guy’s hospital from January 2022- June 2022 patients with high grade dyskaryosis.

Results Total number of referral cases with mild/severe/moderate/?invasive were 33.

50% patients were nulliparous. 30% patients were found to be smokers.

88% of the patients had treatment on first visit.

Colposcopy opinion out of 33 patients- 24 had HGCIN, 8 unsatisfactory, 1 normal.

Total number of TZ1 were 20 and 90% of those had depth of excision >7mm. Total number of TZ2 were 5 out of those 3 (40%)were less than 10mm, 1 (30%)(10–15mm), 1(30%)(>15mm). Total number of TZ3 were 7, out of those all were <15mm.

88% specimen were removed as single specimen.

Histology results included CIN1- 2, CIN2- 2, CIN3- 21, Invasive- 2, HGCGIN-2, Benign- 2.

30% were discussed in MDT.

7% of patients required repeat treatment.

Conclusion All the women needing treatment had colposcopy assessment(100%). Proportion of women treated in first visit in less than 90%. According to BSCCP, adequate depth of excision for CIN is less than 95% in all types of transformation zone. Specimen was removed in single sample in more than 80% cases.

Disclosures No Disclosure.

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