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951 Regression of HPV-associated CIN 2 cervical lesions using a coriolus versicolor-based vaginal gel conservative treatment. Case series
  1. Nadia Nassar Melic1,
  2. Clara Espinet Casañas2,
  3. Juan Modesto Caballero3,
  4. Sara María Pérez Martín4 and
  5. Cristina Sánchez-Pinto Hernández5
  1. 1Hospital Clínico Universitario Lozano Blesa, Zaragoza, Spain
  2. 2Hospital General L Hospitalet, Barcelona, Spain
  3. 3Hospital Comarcal Laredo, Laredo, Spain
  4. 4Hospital Alta Resolución Guadix, Granada, Spain
  5. 5CAE Arona-El Mojón, Arona, Spain


Introduction/Background Human Papillomavirus (HPV) infection is the most common sexually transmitted disease accounting for the 95% of cervical cancer cases and its precursor lesions. Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia (CIN) 2 is considered a cervical cancer precursor and in non-pregnant patients with histologic CIN 2, treatment is recommended, unless the patient‘s concerns about the effect of treatment on future pregnancy outweigh concerns about cancer. Here we present five case reports to evaluate the effect of a Coriolus versicolor-based vaginal gel in the conservative management of CIN 2 cervical lesions.

Methodology Here we present a series of case reports involving five patients between 23 and 46 years old diagnosed with HPV 16, 18, 33, 45, 51, and/or 56 and with CIN 2 cervical lesions through colposcopy and biopsies. Patients were prescribed with a Coriolus versicolor-based vaginal gel for 6 months as a conservative treatment. Follow-up colposcopy, cytology, HPV tests and biopsy (if needed) were performed over time for monitoring patients.

Results After 6 months of treatment, 4 out of 5 the patients showed complete regression of the CIN 2 lesions in the colposcopic examination. The remaining patient showed regression from CIN 2 to CIN 1 and total normalization after 6 additional months of treatment. Additionally, all of them showed negative results for HPV PCR tests after treatment. None of the patients reported any adverse event associated with the use of Coriolus versicolor-based vaginal gel.

Conclusion In this case series, conservative treatment of lesions with Coriolus versicolor-based vaginal gel has shown to be effective in the regression of HPV-associated CIN 2 cervical lesions and virus clearance representing a new therapeutic option in patients meeting the conservative treatment criteria for CIN 2 lesions.

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