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1307 Red blood cell transfusion during cytoreductive surgery
  1. Olena Postupalenko and
  2. Kateryna Kharchenko
  1. Kyiv City Clinical Oncology Center, Kyiv, Ukraine


Introduction/Background Cytoreductive surgery is of high complexity, there are some clinical situations that require intraoperative red blood cell transfusion.

Methodology Retrospective exploratory analysis of operative reports of ovarian cancer patients who received cytoreductive surgery from 2020 to 2023 years in department of minimally invasive surgery (Kyiv City Clinical Oncology Center). Descriptive statistics and ANOVA were applied (IBM SPSS Statistics 23).

Results One hundred thirty-five cases were identified. Twenty-one patient (16%) received red blood cell transfusion during operation. Mean CA125 was 411 (95% CI 144–678) for patients who didn’t receive red blood cell transfusion (group 1) and 553 (95% CI 101–1004) for patients who did (group 2), p = 0,675. Mean PCI was 13 (95% CI 12–15) and 17 (95% CI 12–21) respectively, p = 0,084. Mean duration of cytoreductive surgery was 398 (95% CI 373–422) for the group 1 and 498 (95% CI 437–558) for the group 2, p = 0,002. Mean blood loss was 319 (95% CI 291–348) and 772 (95% CI 568–975) respectively, p < 0,001.

Conclusion Except such obviously criteria as blood loss, duration of the surgery as well was different between the group of patients who received red blood cell transfusion and who not. Other variables (CA-125, PCI, lymph node dissection and approved presence of lymph node metastases) were without statistically significant differences between groups.

Disclosures None.

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