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1172 Recurrence of adult-type ovarian granulosa cell tumour: Salah Azaiez institute experience
  1. Safa Jouini,
  2. Nadia Boujelbene,
  3. Saida Sakhri,
  4. Ines Zemni and
  5. Tarek Ben Dhiab
  1. Salah Azaiez Institute, Tunis, Tunisia


Introduction/Background The granulosa cell tumor of the ovary is a rare ovarian entity. The optimal treatment of recurrent GCTs is unknown. This study aims to evaluate the characteristics, management, and oncological outcomes of recurrent GCTs.

Methodology All cases of recurrent AGCTs treated at Salah Azaïz Institute between 2010 and 2023 were retrospectively included, and the clinical and therapeutic approaches were analyzed.

Results The final study included nine patients with recurrent AGCT. The mean age at recurrence was 54 years (30–72 years). Prior to admission to our department, four patients were treated with total abdominal hysterectomy and bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy with the diagnosis of primary adult type GCT of the ovary, two patients had a conservative surgery salpingo-oophorectomy, and one patient was treated with surgery and adjuvant chemotherapy ( 4 BEP). Recurrence sites were pelvic in two patients, pararectal in one patient, pelvic+abdominal in two patients, peritoneal localization in two patients, and mesenteric in one patient. The median time interval between the diagnosis and relapse was five years (1 - 14 years). The mean tumor relapse size was 12 cm. Two patients had a second relapse, and 5patients had no further relapses at the time of follow-up. One among nine patients with stage IV disease had liver metastasis. Four patients underwent debulking surgery and chemotherapy, 2 Cytoreductive surgery, and one had a CRS with hepatic resection. The median disease-free survival after CRS treatment was 4.7 (range, 1–9) years.

Conclusion Larger series and long-term outcome data in this rare situation will be mandatory to develop standard management options in these patients. In GCTs, surgery remains the gold standard treatment for relapse.

Disclosures There is no conflict of interest.

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