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1031 Clinical characteristics and prognosis of clear cell carcinoma ovary- a single institutional study from a tertiary cancer centre
  1. Pratima Raj
  1. Manipal Hospitals, Bengaluru, India


Introduction/Background Ovarian clear cell carcinoma is a rare subtype of epithelial ovarian cancer, accounting for 5–11% of total epithelial ovarian cancer cases. Ovarian clear cell carcinoma possesses a number of unique clinical, histopathological, and molecular features which distinguishes it from other epithelial ovarian cancer subtypes.

Aims and Objectives To determine and analyse the clinical characteristics and survival outcomes in patients with clear cell carcinoma ovary.

Methodology Retrospective study, of patients diagnosed with clear cell carcinoma in a tertiary cancer centre. Patient data were collected through EMR from 2010–2022.

Results Total 72 patients were diagnosed with CCC over, of which 46 Patients data could be collected. Mean Age 45yrs, 60% were pre menopausal. Mean BMI-27kg/m2. Most frequently stages seen were stage1=57%, f/b stage 3=27%, stage 2=11%, stage 4=9%, 95% received Adjuvant CT. Progressive disease 10.8%, Recurrence rate=17%, mortality rate post recurrence-75%. Most common site of recurrence peritoneum, DFS-102 months, OS-125months .patient who underwent fertility preserving surgery all are alive.

Conclusion The present study confirms the unique features of OCCC, and further research is required to illustrate the molecular mechanisms, discover novel diagnostic biomarkers and targeted therapies, in order to contribute to the early diagnosis and better prognosis of OCCC. The creation of national and international ovarian CCC database could be very helpful to improve the therapeutic strategy for this malignancy.

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