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962 Our experience in managing patients with enlarged and neglected ovarian tumours in the post-pandemic era
  1. Angeliki Papadimitriou,
  2. Charalampos Karachalios,
  3. Alexandros Nakis,
  4. Ippokratis Diamantakis,
  5. Georgia Koutsogeorgopoulou and
  6. Antonios Lagkadas
  1. Laiko General Hospital, Athens, Greece


Introduction/Background To present our experience in managing women presented with large ovarian tumours during the last 2 years. All women were diagnosed in the past with small (2–4 cm) ovarian cysts. Their annual or regular follow-up was postponed, due to COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns.

Methodology Between January 2022 and December 2023, five women with neglected ovarian tumours were diagnosed and operated in our department. Most patients presented with abdominal distention, persistent abdominal pain and blood tests indicating inflammation. One of them had dyspnoea as the main symptom due to diaphragm elevation.

Results All women underwent exploratory laparotomy and excision of large ovarian tumours (15 - 50 cm). Histology revealed dermoid cysts in 2 cases, malignant tumours in 2 cases and pedunculated uterine fibroid in one case. Ovarian torsion with necrosis was present in four patients. One patient needed ICU (Intensive Care Unit) admission and re-operation due to post-op hemorrhage. All women were discharged from hospital 5 to 30 days post-operatively with significant clinical improvement.

Conclusion Restricted access of women in gynaecology services and their fear to visit outpatient clinics for regular follow-up during pandemic era, led to enlarged and neglected ovarian tumours with demanding intra-operative and post-operative management.

Disclosures There are no conflicts of interest.

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