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519 Cancer associated fibroblasts are ineffective in inducing cachexia in high grade serous ovarian cancer
  1. Gretha Orlandi,
  2. Elisa Wu,
  3. Ernesto Gallucci,
  4. Annarosa Speciale,
  5. Tania Fiaschi,
  6. Massimiliano Fambrini and
  7. Flavia Sorbi
  1. Department of Biomedical, Experimental and Clinical Sciences, Division of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of Florence, Florence, Italy


Introduction/Background Cancer-associated cachexia (CAC) is a severe condition in which complex metabolic pathway led to loss of appetite and sarcopenia. This condition can significantly increase morbidity and mortality rates in cancer patients. Sarcopenia is frequently present in ovarian cancer (OC) and contributes to poor outcome, but the undergoing processes remain elusive. The aim of this study is to investigate whether CAC plays a role as a mechanism underlying sarcopenia in OC.

Methodology OC associated fibroblast (CAF) were collected during primary debulking. To indagate the association between CAF and CAC we evaluate the cachectic features in myotubes conditionated by secretome from CAF (CM CAF) and by A2780 secretome conditioned by CM CAF. Then, we analyse whether ovarian CAF could induce metabolic changes in myotubes, i.e. alter the production of lactate and the oxygen consumption. Finally, we analysed abdominal muscles explanted from patients during primary debulking surgery to assess whether there were cachectic characteristics in myotubes.

Results Overall, we found that neither OC CAF promotes the cachectic features in myotubes, neither the abdominal muscles of patients with OC show the cachectic characteristics in myotubes.

Conclusion Sarcopenia in OC is probably not associated with CAC metabolic changes and might be caused by different pathological pathways, maybe linked with the mechanical obstruction of abdominal masses and/or severe ascites.

Disclosures The authors have no conflicts of interest to disclose.

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