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350 GREAT: a unique cohort of 1500 advanced ovarian cancer (AOC) patients treated in real life with prospective biomarkers including tumor BRCA and HRD, and tumor collection, a GINECO study
  1. Thibault De La Motte Rouge1,2,
  2. Dominique Berton2,3,
  3. Leïla Bengrine Lefevre4,
  4. Valentin Harter5,
  5. Manuel Rodrigues6,
  6. Gilles Freyer2,7,
  7. Alexandra Leary2,8,
  8. Isabelle Ray-Coquard9,
  9. Frédéric Selle10,
  10. Kévin Bourcier11,
  11. Adrien Buisson12,
  12. Romain Boidot13,
  13. Louise-Marie Chevalier14,
  14. Alexandra Lespagnol15,
  15. Céline Callens16,
  16. Isabelle Soubeyran17,
  17. Dominique Vaur18,
  18. Etienne Rouleau19,
  19. Elsa Kalbacher2,20 and
  20. Eric Pujade-Lauraine21
  1. 1Centre Eugene Marquis, Rennes, France
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  19. 19Gustave Roussy, Villejuif, France
  20. 20Department of Oncology, CHU Jean Minjoz, Besançon, France
  21. 21ARCAGY Research, and GINECO, Paris, France


Introduction/Background In AOC, a better understanding of specific genomic/proteomic alterations beyond tumor BRCA mutation (tBRCAm) and homologous recombination repair deficiency (HRD) is of critical importance for the next generation drug development and patient outcome improvement. The main objective of GREAT was to develop a large AOC clinico-biological database thanks to a tight collaborative network between clinicians, pathologists, biologists and researchers to correlate the real-life clinical and evolutionary characteristics of AOC patients (pts) with new exploratory genomic and molecular tumor abnormalities.

Methodology Pts with advanced (FIGO stage 3 or 4) non-mucinous epithelial OC and an available FFPE tumor sample were eligible for GREAT and will be followed for up to 5 years. Genomic analyses were performed by 28 biological platforms coordinated at the national level with evaluation of HRD status (Myriad myChoice test, 95%) and of a gene tumor panel comprising BRCA1/2, RAD51C/D, FANCA, CDK12, NBN, ATM, CHEK2, BRIP1, PALB2, PlK3CA, ARID1A.

Results From 12/2019 to 11/2022 a total of 1507 pts were included in GREAT by 94 French centers. Main clinical and tumor biological characteristics are reported in table 1. More than 1300 tumor samples have been already collected.

Conclusion Characteristics and treatment of the 1507 pts included in the real-life GREAT prospective study are representative of the standard AOC population. The clinically and biologically annotated GREAT cohort with collection of tumor samples offers a unique opportunity for evaluating new tumor targets for future drug development.

Disclosures COI: Cf. attached.

This study was partially funded by AstraZeneca.

Abstract 350 Table 1

GREAT cohort: Main clinical and tumor biological patient characteristics

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