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262 Hepatic resections in ovarian cancer: time to change our philosophy?
  1. Devyani Shashank Mahajan,
  2. Vaishali Paliwal and
  3. Shreya Mogre
  1. Nanavati Max Institute of Cancer Care, Mumbai, India


Introduction/Background Cytoreductive surgery is the most important aspect of ovarian cancer treatment. Traditionally advanced ovarian cancer with liver metastasis indicates poor tumour biology with extensive disease burden. These patients are considered to have worse oncological outcomes requiring multiple lines of chemotherapy and poor response rate. In select patients with liver metastases ultraradical surgeries with hepatic resections can help in improving outcome and prognosis of advanced ovarian cancer.

Methodology Ovarian cancer patients from January 2013 till December 2018 who underwent hepatic resections as a part of their cytoreductive surgery were selected for this retrospective study. Their details were retrieved from the electronic medical records. Latest follow-up was done telephonically.

Results Twenty-four patients underwent hepatic resections as a part of ultraradical cytoreductive surgery for ovarian cancer – 21 in primary/interval and 3 in recurrent setting from January 2013 till December 2018. Median age was 52.5 years. All patients had complete gross resection of disease with hepatic resection and other upper abdominal procedures like diaphragmatic stripping/resection splenectomy and bowel resection. Fourteen patients had active or residual disease in the liver specimen. At present 8 patients are alive without disease, 2 are alive with disease on chemotherapy, 10 are dead and 3 patients have lost to follow-up. The 3-year OS is 85% and 5-year OS is 66.6%.

Conclusion Hepatic resection seems feasible and effective for maximizing debulking effort for achieving complete cytoreduction in select group of patients with advanced ovarian cancer.

Disclosures The authors have no conflicts of interest to declare.

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