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224 Real-world experience with a first-line olaparib maintenance monotherapy for advanced BRCA mutated ovarian carcinoma
  1. Erik Skof1,
  2. Brigita Gregoric1,
  3. Breda Skrbinc1,
  4. Vid Jansa2,
  5. Branko Cvjeticanin2 and
  6. Maja Krajec1
  1. 1Institute of Oncology Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  2. 2University Medical Center Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia


Introduction/Background Olaparib monotherapy has become a standard first-line maintenance therapy for patients with BRCA mutated ovarian carcinoma after surgery and response to platinum-based chemotherapy. Our aim was to share our real-world experience with first-line maintenance therapy gained in a Slovenian patient cohort.

Methodology Retrospective analysis of the safety and efficacy of olaparib maintenance monotherapy in patients with first-line advanced ovarian carcinoma patients treated at the Institute of Oncology Ljubljana from July 2019 to October 2023. Adverse events (AEs) were recorded and graded according to the Common Terminology Criteria for Adverse Events (CTCAE). Efficacy was determined as progression-free survival (PFS) at a median follow-up (FU) of two years.

Results A total of 104 patients were treated with olaparib. At the time of the analysis in October 2023, 43 patients were still undergoing treatment, and 61 patients had completed treatment. Overall, 86% of the patients had AEs (all grades). Serious AEs (grade 3/4) were presented in 7% of patients (3% anemia, 1% myelodysplastic syndrome, and 3% of patients had severe COVID-19 infection). Dose reduction due to AEs was performed in 16% of patients, and treatment was discontinued due to AEs in 4% of patients. With a duration of a median FU of 25 months (range 1–51), the PFS of our patients was 74%.

Conclusion Our real-world experience confirms the favourable safety and comparable efficacy of olaparib in first-line maintenance monotherapy, as reported in the SOLO-1 study trial.

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