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39 Pelvic perionteal thickeninig on ultrasound: different pathologies from benign to malignant ones
  1. Ahmed Samy Elagwany
  1. Alexandria University, Alexandria, Egypt


Introduction/Background Peripheral thickening on ultrasound has many causes . It can be benign or malignant ones .

Methodology We are aiming here to present some causes of Peritoneal thickening on ultrasound with their different causes . This will be presented based on ultrasound imaging and criteria based on extend of thickening, regularity of thickening, vascularity and associated findings .

Results The thickening can be caused by edema as in pelvic infections which is diffuse and smooth with limited vascularity, edema postoperative is vascular while the malignant one with implants is commonly seen as irregular, vascular and invasive ones .

Conclusion Ultraosund can differentiate between different causes of peritoneal pathologies including inflammatory edema, postoperative edema or malignant infiltration.

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