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38 Peritoneal carcinomatosis on ultrasound
  1. Ahmed Samy Elagwany
  1. Alexandria University, Alexandria, Egypt


Introduction/Background Ovarian cancer commonly presents at an old age and at an advanced stage. Usually serous cancers present with peritoneal carcinomatosis that affect staging based on location.

Methodology We are aiming here to present different pictures of carcinomatosis with staging related .ultrasound by experienced trained personnel can be used in abdomino pelvic staging of ovarian cancer.

Results Implants in the Peritoneum, Omentum, serosal intestinal surface, liver, splenic affection, pleural and diaphragmatic affection and rectal superficial or deep affection can be detected on ultrasound.

Conclusion Ultrasound can be used in diagnosing and detecting peritoneal implants in many locations over abdomen, pelvis and basal pleura .

Disclosures None.

  • ultrasound
  • ovarian cancer
  • implants
  • carcinomatosis

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