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1188 Isolated paraaortic lymph node metastasis frequency in surgical staged endometrial carcinoma
  1. Akbar Akbar Ibrahimov
  1. Azerbaijan Medical University, Baku, Azerbaijan


Introduction/Background If not be performed paraaortic lymph node dissection patients with negative pelvic lymph node have isolated paraaortic lymph node metastasis, Stage III C2 disease are actually considered to be in the low stage, so the prognosis is adversely affected. In this study it was aimed to determine the frequency of isolated paraaortic lymph node metastasis, questioning the necessity and anatomical level of lymphadenectomy in endometrium cancer.

Methodology Between 2000–2015, there were 835 EC cases to whom surgical treatment was applied. 417 patients with pelvic/paraaortic lymph node dissection were followed. Histologic grade I-III, pelvic/paraaortic lymph node dissection cases with endometrioid histologic type tumor were included in the study. The research was planned retrospectively. Survival and recurrence-related factor, independent predictors were determined by univariate Cox regression analysis.

Results The article provides information about the authors' clinical observation of 417 patients with EC, some of them had isolated metastasized to the paraaortic lymph node. The overall frequency of isolated paraaortic lymph node metastases was 1.19%. A significant difference was not found in the risk of developing recurrence. In all patients with isolated paraaortic LNM, tumor size was 2 cm, and more than 40% of them had grade III tumor. Lymphovascular invasion and cervical-glandular involvement were found as common independent predictors of retroperitoneal and paraaortic LNM.

Conclusion LVSI and cervical glandular involvement were determined as common independent markers for retroperitoneal LNM in our study. These predictors are cause risk for survive and recurrence depending on the relationship of histological factors to each other. In patients with isolated paraaortic LNM, a large tumor size and low survival may be considered as an indication of the necessity of lymphadenectomy.

Disclosures Endometrial cancer, isolated paraaortic.

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