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1027 Molecular markers performed on endometrial biopsies provides accurate prognostic and predictive information
  1. Pratima Raj
  1. Manipal Hospitals, Bengaluru, India


Introduction/Background This shift towards a molecular driven Endometrial Cancer classification is an important step to the future precision medicine. These biomarkers could be used in clinical practice for a more individualized management in EC and promoting a personalized therapeutic strategy to avoid over- or under-treatment.

Methodology Observational study

N= 80 patents diagnosed with endometrial cancers between September 2019- September 2021

Site-Tertiary cancer centre India

IHC marker expressions in preoperative EB were correlated with post operative histopathological specimen parameters

Results Correlation of IHC marker was done with various post surgery pathology parameters and it showed correlation with variable p values suggesting that certain IHC markers correlated with advanced disease and aids in prognostication. ER and PR positivity expression showed correlation with early disease, HER2 score 3+ showed correlations with size of the lesion and Advanced disease, L1CAM expression of >10% showed correlation with para aortic nodes and distant metastases, p53 mutation showed correlation with pelvic lymphnodal involvement and advanced disease, MMR deficient- showed correlation with >50% myometrial invasion and no distant metastases.

Conclusion At present to our knowledge this is the first ever study evaluating the role of incorporating IHC in preoperative endometrial biopsies and correlating it with final staging.

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