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668 Clinicopathologic profile of endometrial cancer in Prof. Dr. I.G.N.G Ngoerah general hospital denpasar Bali During the period of January 2022 – october 2023
  1. Alisza Novrita Sari,
  2. Kade Yudi Saspriyana,
  3. I Gde Sastra Winata,
  4. I Nyoman Bayu Mahendra and
  5. I Nyoman Gede Budiana
  1. Prof. I.G.N.G Ngoerah General Hospital, Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia


Introduction/Background Endometrial cancer accounts for 50% of all new gynecological cancers and 7% of all cancers in women, with an annual incidence of 23.3 per 100,000 women in developing countries. The purpose of this study was to identify the profile and pattern of distribution of endometrial cancer in women in RSUP Prof. I.G.N.G Ngoerah Denpasar during the period of January 2022 to September 2023.

Methodology This is a retrospective study using all medical record data of endometrial cancer patients in General Hospital Prof I.G.N.G Ngoerah in the period January 2022 to October 2023. To select a sample, the method is used purposive sampling with the appropriate inclusion criteria, and the data is then presented in Tabular Form.

Results The Total number of new cases of endometrial cancer during the period from 2022 to 2023 was 77 patients. Age characteristics of endometrial cancer patients most at the age of 50–59 years, as many as 30 people (39 %). Most of the tumour stages detected in endometrial cancer patients General Hospital Prof. Ngoerah Denpasar is Stage II, which is as many as 27 patients (35%). The results of histopathological examination in most endometrial cancer patients are Type 1 that is as many as 74 patients (96.1%). The most widely performed therapy is primary therapy with a total of 67 patients (88%).

Conclusion Mostly in General Hospital Prof I.G.N.G Ngoerah Denpasar has an age range of 50–59 years with Stage II, undergoing primary therapy and showing histopathology type 1.

Disclosures The author declares that (s)he has no relevant or material financial interests that relate to the research described in this paper.

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