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628 Differentiation of endometrial cancer in patients of different age groups
  1. Serhii Kartashov1,
  2. Kateryna Oleshko1,
  3. Maryna Kartashova1 and
  4. Gulmira Uderbaeva2
  1. 1Kharkiv National Medical University, Kharkiv, Ukraine
  2. 2Scientific and Clinical Center for oncology rehabilitation, Astana, Kazakhstan


Introduction/Background Endometrial cancer (EC) is the most common cancer in women in Ukraine after breast cancer. It is diagnosed both in young women and in old age. Age influences the etiology and course of the disease.

The purpose of the study is to study the features of the morphology of EC in patients of different age groups

Methodology Data on 360 patients with stage I-IV EC were analyzed. aged from 28 to 89 years. Endometrioid cancer was found in 325 patients (90.3%), and non-endometrioid cancer - in 35 patients (9.7%). Histological examination was carried out in accordance with standard methods.

The resulting digital material was processed by the method of variation statistics using the χ2 criterion.

Results We found that G1 EC in patients of reproductive age (63.5% of cases) occurred significantly more often in comparison with the perimenopausal (41.0%) and menopausal (39.4% of cases) periods. G2 carcinomas did not have a significant relationship with the age of the patients (26.9%; 36.2% and 37.0% of cases, respectively). Neoplasms with differentiation degree G3–4 were associated with age-related characteristics and were significantly more often diagnosed in patients of perimenopausal (22.8%) and mepopausal age (23.6%) in comparison with the reproductive period (9.6% of cases).

Conclusion EC patients of reproductive age are significantly more likely to have G1 carcinomas and significantly less likely to have G3–4 neoplasms compared to patients of perimenopausal age and the menopausal period.

Disclosures There was no conflicts of interests I have nothing to disclose.

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