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558 Synchronous endometrium and ovarian carcinoma: diagnostic and therapeutic modalities
  1. Mona Aharmouch
  1. Centre Hospitalier Universitaire HASSAN II, Fes, Morocco


Introduction/Background Endometrioid carcinomas of the ovary concern 10 to 20% of ovarian cancers. Histologically, the tumor is identical to endometrial adenocarcinoma and it is associated with it in 35% of cases, causing a major diagnostic problem.

Methodology We report 03 cases of a synchronous association of endometrioid adenocarcinoma of the ovary and the endometrium over a period of one year.

Results We are discussing the main clinicopathological characteristics, long used to distinguish these bifocal tumors from carcinoma metastatic. Recent genomic analysis using targeted massively parallel sequencing is necessary to confirm the independent character of these synchronous tumors.

Conclusion Synchronous endometrial and ovarian tumors are rare variants of gynecological cancers. However, young women with endometrial cancer can have synchronous ovarian cancer. They must be differentiated from either primary endometrium or ovarian tumors with metastasis.

Disclosures The authors have no conflict of interest.

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