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424 Enhancing patient satisfaction in outpatient hysteroscopy: a comprehensive audit at east kent hospitals
  1. Sima Alasad1 and
  2. Ahmed Abdelmohsen2
  1. 1Darent Valley Hospital, Kent, UK
  2. 2William Harvey Hospital, Kent, UK


Introduction/Background This quality improvement project endeavors to evaluate and enhance patient satisfaction in outpatient hysteroscopy procedures at East Kent Hospitals. Our primary objectives include benchmarking against national standards, identifying areas for improvement, and fostering evidence-based decision-making in gynecological care.

Methodology We conducted a meticulous audit encompassing outpatient hysteroscopy clinics at WHH, BHD, KCH, and QEQM, involving a diverse sample of 100 patients. The audit spanned from February 2023 to September 2023.

Results Pre-Procedure Information: 73% of patients received written information before the procedure, slightly below the national average of 87%.

Waiting Area and Facilities: 40% of patients rated our facilities as excellent, while 16% perceived them as poor/fair.

Pain Management: 60% received painkillers before their appointments.

12% expressed a wish for painkillers, surpassing the 7% national figure.

The mean pain score for our patients was 4.8, indicating a favorable experience compared to the national average of 5.2.

Pain Perception: Despite favorable scores, patients reported pain as more intense than their typical menstrual experience.

Service Satisfaction: An impressive 83% rated our service 10/10.

5% scored it as 9/10.

5% scored it as 8/10.

7% did not provide a response.

Conclusion Our findings reveal commendable patient consultation practices, yet opportunities for improvement in pain management and facility communication. With a focus on personalized care, increased communication regarding painkillers, and addressing facility concerns, we aim to elevate the outpatient hysteroscopy experience for our patients. We believe that sharing these insights at an international medical conference will contribute to the broader discourse on optimizing patient satisfaction in gynecological care.

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