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359 Performance of DYSIS adjunctive colposcopy technology in colposcopy assessments
  1. Gulnaz Majeed
  1. Guys and St Thomas NHS Foundation Trust, London, UK


Introduction/Background Dysis Colposcope with Dysis map is an adjunctive technology for assessing cervical abnormalities approved by National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) in UK. Introduction of primary HPV screening in December 2019 increased referrals to the colposcopy unit hence Dysis was introduced to the colposcopy service to improve the clinical pathway of patient journey in the unit.

Objective To use Dysis as adjunctive tool in detecting cervical abnormalities in colposcopy clinics to enhance management.

Methodology Dysis assessment were performed in patients referred to colposcopy in 2021. Referral indication, age, initial colposcopist impression, Dysis assessment with final confirmation with histological diagnosis where applicable, diagnostic or excisional biopsy and outcome discharge or further follow up were reviewed.

Results Dysis Colposcopy assessment was performed on n= 600 patients.

Age range 24years to 64years. Average age 33years.

Referral abnormal cervical screening low grade n=380 high grade n= 60 other indications Post Coital Bleeding, ectropion, follow ups n= 160.

New patients n= 475, follow up patients n=125

Discordance colposcopist opinion low grade Dysis analysis high grade =14 (2.4%)

No biopsies taken n=265 (44%)

Number of diagnostic biopsies n=252 (42%)

Number of excisional biopsies n= 83 (14%)

Outcome: discharge n= 490 (81%) follow up= 110 (19%)

Conclusion Dysis improved colposcopist assessment in detecting more high grades by 2.4%. Dysis map and video capture playback was reassuring for the patients. Reduced their anxiety and were happy to be discharged. 81% were discharged to the primary care and reduced follow ups to (19%) only. This generated capacity to see more patients in back drop of COVID recovery plan.

Disclosures None.

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