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1308 Small-cell neuroendocrine cancer of the cervix: a rare case and unexpected diagnosis in young patient
  1. Marjan Stojovski,
  2. Viktorija Jovanovska,
  3. Daniel Milkovski,
  4. Vlatko Gjirevski and
  5. Ivana Kijajova
  1. University Clinic of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Skopje, North Macedonia


Introduction/Background Small-cell neuroendocrine cancer of the cervix (SCNCC) is a rare and highly malignant invasive tumor, thay accounts for about 1–3% of all cervical cancers. These tumours are often very highly aggressive and carry a poor prognosis, unless they are diagnosed at a very early stage. As compared to other histological types of cervical cancers, SCNCC exhibits early distant metastasis and usually associated with a high level of lethality.

Methodology Case report.

Results 35 year patient was undergone on screening for cervical cancer, PAP smear show AGC with favoured neoplastic cells. Speculum examination revealed an erythematous posterior cervix and upper vagina without any obvious growth. We make punch biopsy and result confirm small-cell neuroendocrine cervical cancer. MR scan was performed and was determinated clinical FIGO Stage 1. After that we performed additional diagnostic procedure (abdominal echography, vaginal ultrasound, urinoculture, urodynamic testing and intravenous urography) and prepeare patient for radical operation. Radical hysterectomy with lymphadeectomy was performed and hystopatology confirmed SCNCC FIGO Stage IIIC1 which confirm early distant tumor metastasis. Appropriate oncological treatment was carried out on patient.

Conclusion SCNCC as an extremely rare but highly aggressive type of cervical cancer can metastasize to lymph node and distant sites in early stages of the diseas. To achive an optimal care for patient is necessery multidisciplinary therapeutic approach. Easrly diagnostic and treatment of this high metastastic potential cancer still poses formidable challenge.

Disclosures No conflicts of interest are reported.

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