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1083 Effectiveness of cytological screening of cervical cancer for 2022 in Almaty, Kazakhstan
  1. Raikhan Bolatbekova1,
  2. Dilyara Kaidarova2,
  3. Nursultan Izbagambetov1,
  4. Askar Aidarov1,
  5. Gulnur Bagatova1,
  6. Diana Zhaksylykova1,
  7. Arailym Akkassova1,
  8. Aisulu Sarmenova1 and
  9. Aisulu Yestayeva1
  1. 1Almaty Oncology Center, Almaty, Kazakhstan
  2. 2Kazakh Institute of Oncology and Radiology, Almaty, Kazakhstan


Introduction/Background In KZ Standardized incidence of CC for 2022 was 19 per 100,000, while the mortality rate was 5.9 per 100,000. The CC Screening program in KZ uses cytology (Pap-smear) from 2008 for women 30–70 years every 4 years. Almaty remains the country’s largest city with the highest cancer incidence and mortality.

The purpose of this study was to analyze effectiveness of CC screening in Almaty for 2022.

Methodology A total of 197 women newly diagnosed with CC in 2022 were enrolled to this study. We analyzed the history of previous screening results for the last 5 years, as well as management and follow up regarding the PAP smear. The statistical processing was carried out with SPSS23.0.

Results The median age of women with CC in 2022 was 50.2 years (range 23–82).

182 women were in screening age. 51% of women with cervical cancer have never been screened in history. 14.2% (28 women) of cases were screened more than 5 years ago, where 6 women had low abnormalities.

21 cases (11.5%) of CC were detected during screening in 2022. The Pap test result was distributed as follows: cancer in 6 cases, HSIL in 9 cases and LSIL/ASCUS in 5 cases. In the results biopsy was taken during the colposcopy.

30 women underwent CC screening in 2019–2020yy. According this HSIL was found in 9 cases and LSIL/ASCUS in 5 cases. In all cases gynecologist provided follow up without cervical biopsy.

In 52 cases (58.4%) patients with a history of cervical cancer have a normal PAP screening test result.

Conclusion Results of study showed low effectiveness of cytological screening in the detection of cervical precancer lesion which confirms global data on the diagnostic value of PAP smear. Implementation of HPV based screening can reduce the burden of cervical cancer in Kazakhstan.

Disclosures Nothing to disclose.

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