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1026 Perception and perceived barriers regarding cervical screening amongst pre clinical and clinical medical students at king Edward medical university
  1. Zainab Zubair
  1. Kemu, Lahore, Pakistan


Introduction/Background Cervical cancer is the leading cause of morbidity and mortality in females. A number of causes are there that contribute to advanced stage of disease at presentation but the lack of knowledge remains the foremost factor that contribute to this. Furthermore there is lack of awareness regarding screening. The target audience of this study were the 1sr year medical students and the 4th year medical students. This study evaluate the knowledge regarding cervical cancers, perceived barriers to help seeking and cervical screening practices among Pakistani female medical students and studies the the impact of clinical training on the studied variables.

Methodology A descriptive cross-sectional study designed using self administered validated questionnaire was employed. Female medical students enrolled in clinical and preclinical classes of Kind Edward Medical University, Lahore were targeted and questioned regarding symptoms risk factors and there practices regarding cervical cancer.

Results The Mean no of symptoms correctly identified was 6.7 for pre clinical and 7.8 for clinical students and for risk factors it was 4.3 for preclinical and 4.7 for clinical students. The difference in the level of perception of two group was found to be significant.

Conclusion The Study suggest that clinical training may have improve knowledge of female medical students regarding cervical cancer. Yet the knowledge related to the symptoms and the risk factors and frequency of cervical cancer screening of female medical student is less then anticipated.

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