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805 Cervical cancer and pregnancy
  1. Oumaima Wajih,
  2. Bouab Maryam,
  3. Oumnia Hlaibi,
  4. Mohammad Jalal,
  5. Amine Lamrissi and
  6. Said Bouhya
  1. CHU IBN ROCHD, Casablanca, Morocco


Introduction/Background Cervical cancer is rarely associated with pregnancy. Its incidence is relatively poorly assessed, ranging from 1 to 2/10,000. When cervical cancer is discovered, two sometimes totally divergent imperatives have to be reconciled: treatment of the patient and management of the fetus. Broadly speaking, this combination poses four major problems: the diagnosis, which is far from obvious, given the cervical changes observed in early gestation; the prognosis of the disease; the date of surgical treatment and the time lag between diagnosis and therapeutic management; and, the outcome of the pregnancy and the mode of delivery. The therapeutic management is identical to that of patients outside pregnancy, even if some adaptations are necessary due to the gravid state, the prognosis of the cancer does not seem to be modified by pregnancy.

Methodology We report on the case of two patients diagnosed with cervical cancer during pregnancy.

Results Both patients were diagnosed with cervical cancer during pregnancy. they gave birth by caesarean section and received concomitant radiochemotherapy.

Conclusion Management of cervical cancer will depend on the term, stage of the lesion and lymph node involvement. Treatment is decided collectively by the oncologist, surgical oncologist, obstetrician, neonatologist and the couple.

Disclosures Therapeutic management is the same as for patients not pregnant, even if a few adjustments are required due to the pregnancy. Pregnancy does not seem to affect the cancer’s prognosis.

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