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725 Microvascular density in cervical carcinoma as a predictor of worse histopathological parameters
  1. Aljosa Mandic,
  2. Tatjana Ivkovic Kapicl,
  3. Bojana Gutic,
  4. Slobodan Maricic,
  5. Nevena Stanulovic and
  6. Tijana Vasiljevic
  1. Oncology Institute of Vojvodina, Sremska Kamenica, Serbia


Introduction/Background It has been concluded that the occurrence, development, invasion, and metastasis of tumors are closely linked to angiogenesis which is reflected by the tumor microvessel density. To analyze microvascular density (MVD) in observed groups of patients with cervical carcinoma, and to compare MVD in relation to the degree of tumor differentiation, size, presence of lymphovascular invasion and the presence of lymph node metastases.

Methodology The retrospective study was conducted on histopathological samples of 109 patients who underwent hysterectomy due to benign disease or due to dysplastic changes on the cervix. Data were collected from Oncology Institute of Vojvodina and divided into three groups depending on histopathological result. Based on H&E stain representative material was chosen for immunohistochemistry, therefore analysis of CD34 antigen expression and measurement of MVD was done.

Results Calculated mean values for control group (2,2), group A-dysplasia in cervix (9,85) and group B-cervical cancer (17,19), a cut-off value was determined in order to make a division within the group into LMVD and HMVD. Statistically significant difference was observed by comparing these groups. There were 7 patients (21,21%) with the HMVD in group A and 29 patients (63,04%) in group B. Statistically significant difference was confirmed by comparing HMVD and LMVD in lymph nodes metastasis subgroup(p<0,029 ). In the subgroup of patients with other worse pathohistological prognostic factors, tumor size greater than 2 cm, depth of stromal invasion greater than 10 mm, infiltration of ‘isthmus’ of the uterus, HMVD was higher but with no statistical significance.

Conclusion HMVD was statistical significance higher in cervical cancer comparing other two groups. In the comparison of histopathological parameters in group B it is demonstrated that subgroup with lymph nodes metastasis had higher percentages of HMVD with statistical significance.

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