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566 Prognostic importance of pretreatment hematological parameters in locally advanced cervical cancer in a tertiary cancer centre of North East India
  1. Debabrata Barmon,
  2. Mahendra Kumar,
  3. Upasana Baruah,
  4. Dimpy Begum,
  5. Moushumee Bhattacharyya,
  6. Partha Sarathi Roy,
  7. Shiraj Ahmed and
  8. Karthik Chandra Bassetty
  1. Dr B Borooah Cancer Institute, Guwahati, India


Introduction/Background Pre-treatment prognostic information is lacking for patients with cervical cancer. Anaemia has long been associated with poor prognosis in patients with cervical cancer. The pre-treatment (Platelet to Lymphocyte ratio) PLR has been demonstrated as significant predictors in patients with cervical cancer. We therefore conducted this study to assess relationship between haematological parameters and survival outcome in cervical cancer.

Methodology In this study, we retrospectively enrolled patients with locally advanced stage cervical cancer (FIGO stage IIB to IIIC2) who were treated at our centre, from January 2020 to December 2020. Pre-treatment blood parameters were collected and their survival outcome was calculated from hospital records.

Results Total 423 patients were registered, out of which 306 (72%) patients were enrolled, in which 276 (90%) patients completed their primary treatment and their progression free survival time (PFS) and overall survival (OS) time was calculated. Pre-treatment haemoglobin level was grouped in 3 categories - <5 gm/dl (3.6%), 5–9 gm/dl (16.3%) and >9 gm/dl (79.3%). Pre-treatment PLR were groups into 3 categories - <90(26%), 90–210 (43.1%) and > 210(29.7%). According to this categorisation, survival analysis was done. Low haemoglobin level was associated with worst PFS & OS (P value – <0.001), whereas optimized pre-treatment haemoglobin was associated with better prognosis. Interesting to note that, normal PLR ratio was associated with best survival PFS & OS, whereas low & high PLR ratio was associated with poor survival outcome (P value - <00.1).

Conclusion Abnormal level of haemoglobin and PLR ratio was associated with poor survival outcome in our study. Low PLR was also associated with worst survival outcome, which is a new finding not been reported in existing literature.

Disclosures None.

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