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EP035/#866  Adjuvant treatment for luminal breast cancer of intermediate prognosis
  1. Donia Dhib,
  2. Nesrine Mejri,
  3. Yosra Berrazaga,
  4. Haifa Rachdi,
  5. Myriam Saadi,
  6. Nouha Daoud and
  7. Boussen Hammouda
  1. Abderrahmane Mami Hosptial Ariana, Medical Oncology, Ariana, Tunisia


Introduction Our retrospective study analyzed the adjuvant treatment decision for localized intermediate risk breast cancer as well as the parameters leading to protocol de-escalation and It’s impact on outcome.

Methods A retrospective study gathering 127 patients with localized (pT1–3pN1 or pT2–3pN0) luminal breast cancers; We analyzed the protocol decision and the parameters leading to de-escalation as well as the therapeutic results.

Results Median age was 52 years and 47% were pre-menopausal. One third of the tumors were pN0, mean tumor size (pT) was 28 mm, and grade III in 27.4% of cases. Most of the tumors (66%) were of Luminal B and the mean ki67 was 26%.Adjuvant protocol was chemotherapy for 119 patients, sequential in 80.3% of cases and Docetaxel-Cyclophosphamide(TC) in 13.4% of cases.Twenty-four cases were reviewed by the medical comittee, and a therapeutic de-escalation was decided for 12 patients among them, based on TC(6 patients) and hormone therapy for 6 patients.The patients characteristics are resumed in table 1.Concerning toxicity, we observed a higher rate of neutropenia (47.5% vs 11.8% p=0.04) and febrile neutropenia G3–4 (20.6% vs. 0% p=0.02)with sequential chemotherapy. With a median follow-up of 51 months, overall survival was 94% at 5 years.The choice of adjuvant treatment didn’t significantly influence overall survival.

Abstract EP035/#866 Table 1

Clinico-pathological characteristic of the patients

Conclusion/Implications De-escalation of adjuvant therapy in patients with intermediate risk localized breast cancer didn’t impair overall survival.

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