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W006/#1414  Knowledge of chemotherapy and self-care activities of breast cancer patients in vietnam: a cross sectional study
  1. Long Nguyen,
  2. Hang Nguyen and
  3. Huyen Phung
  1. Vietnam National Cancer Hospital (K hospital), No6 Medical Oncology Department, Hanoi, Viet Nam


Introduction Due to high patient load and lack of human resources of oncology centers in Vietnam, time for patient education is limited. This study aimed to assess the knowledge of chemotherapy and self-care activities of breast cancer patients.

Methods We conducted a cross sectional survey on 281 breast cancer patients receiving at least one cycle of chemotherapy at Vietnam National Cancer Hospital from 09/2022 to 01/2023. Leuven questionnaire on patient knowledge of chemotherapy (L-PaKC) and Patient Self-care during Chemotherapy (L-PaSC) were used. Association between patients’ socioeconomic and disease characteristics with score was also analyzed.

Results Mean age of patients was 50 (range 26–77). Most of them are from rural areas (62.3%), graduated from high school (81.1%), got married (81.5%) and had early-stage disease (80.8%). Mean overall score of chemotherapy knowledge was 79.1±10.9 per 100, while that of knowledge on side effects was only 58.7±20.5. Patients with stage IV had lower score than those with early stage (61.9±12.4 vs. 78.4±12.8, p<0.05). There were no differences by level of education, living area and marital status. Mean overall score of self-care activities was 73.1±17.2, that of treatment adherence and symptom self-management was 79.5±16.3 and 62.1±28.7, respectively. Chemotherapy knowledge score was associated with self-care activity score (p=0.003).

Conclusions There should be more patient education programs and campaigns to improve their knowledge and self-care activities during chemotherapy treatment. Focus should be placed on knowledge about side effects and symptoms management, especially for those with stage IV disease.

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