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SF018/#987  Gastric resections during upper abdominal cytoreductive surgery in ovarian cancer
  1. Claudio Lucena1,
  2. Jose Linhares1,
  3. Reitan Ribeiro1 and
  4. Audrey Tsunoda2
  1. 1Hospital Erasto Gaertner, Oncology Surgery, Curitiba, Brazil
  2. 2Hospital Erasto Gaertner/HCor/PPGTS Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Paraná, Surgical Oncology, Curitiba, Brazil


Introduction Ovarian cancer is one of the most common gynecologic cancers and ranks eighth in mortality among women. More than 60% are detected in FIGO2018 stages III and IV. A complete cytoreduction is a significant prognostic factor. Eventual resection of gastric implants becomes an essential knowledge for the surgical treatment of ovarian cancer.

Description This video demonstrates surgical techniques using current surgical equipment for the correct resection of stomach lesions in ovarian debulking. It’s advise the introduction of a nasogastric tube to help mobilize the stomach. Initially demonstrated the resection of a lesion in the lesser omentum, which can be challenging due to rich vascularization and difficult access. The lesion is demarcated for its resection, and its dissection is started, paying attention to the preservation of the vascularization of the lesser curvature. Afterwards, we demonstrate a large lesion located on the posterior wall of the stomach. Starts performing the release of the transverse mesocolon of the lesion, taking care not to damage the vascularization of the colon. After shaving the stomach, hemostasis is performed with bipolar forceps and hemostatic suture. At the end, resection of the lesion in the gastric anterior wall was demonstrated. After its correct resection, a suture was performed to approximate the gastric serosa.

Conclusion/Implications This video demonstrates reproducible standardized surgical techniques with simple materials for gastric ressections during ovarian cancer upper abdominal cytoreduction.

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