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EP380/#723  Is it necessary to expand the screening age margin for diagnosis of cervical cancer at a regional level? Third region, Chile
  1. Pedro Cervantes,
  2. Estrella Scherer,
  3. Karen Poque,
  4. Barbara Cortes and
  5. Mario Castro
  1. Hospital Regional Copiapo, Ginecologia, copiapo, Chile


Introduction Current WHO recommendation remarks screening with high-performance tests of women with ages between 35–45 years to accelerate the elimination of cervical cancer. Our local cervical cancer screening program recommends PAP screening for women between 25 and 64 years of age.

Methods Retrospective review with statistical database analysis using clinical records, protocols, and biopsies of the gynecology oncology committee of diagnosed patients with cervical cancer between November 2020-April 2023. A bleeding, friable, exophytic lesion in the cervix was considered clinical suspicion.

Results Total of 95 patients with diagnosis of cervical cancer; 19 patients (20%) outside the recommended screening range for age: 17 patients >64 years and 2 patients <25 years. 2 patients referred with atypical pap smear results (unknown reason why PAP was done) and 17 due to clinical suspicion. On the physical examination 95% (18) had an obvious lesion. 3 patients were in stage Figo I (IA2, IB2 and IB3), 6 in stage II (2 IIA2, 4 IIB), 5 in stage III (1 III B, 4 IIIc1) and 4 in stage IV B, 1 in non-specific stage (lymphoma). Histological type: 74% (14) squamous, 21% (4) adenocarcinomas and 5% (1) lymphoma.

Conclusion/Implications We believe this to be an important finding to promote change on the prevention strategy at the regional level regarding the age of screening, since 20% of the population in approximately 3 years demonstrated to have a fatal pathology that is clearly preventable as the studies say due to timely and adequate screening.

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