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EP219/#902  Primary debulking surgery versus neoadjuvant chemotherapy in advanced stage ovarian cancer;reality in a single center
  1. Huseyin Akilli,
  2. Emre Gunakan,
  3. Dide Aysun,
  4. Tugba Tekelioglu,
  5. Esra Kuscu,
  6. Ali Haberal and
  7. Ali Ayhan
  1. Baskent University, Gynecology and Obstetrics, Ankara, Turkey


Introduction The aim of study was to compare the outcomes of stage III-IV ovarian cancer patients treated with NACT+İDS or PDS and to demonsrate the real life experience of a single center

Methods This retrospective case control study was carried out in Baskent University,Ankara,Turkey.Patients with high grade serous histology who diagnosed between 2007 and 2022 were evaluated .Patient ‘s characteristics and tumoral features like age,type of surgery,complications,OS,DFS were retrospectively documented.

Results 473 patienst included in PDS group and 143 patients included in NACT group.PDS group were slighly younger 57 y vs 59 y (p=006).Median follow up time was 44 months.PDS group were more subjected to extended surgery 46% vs 26% (p=0.001) ,however grade III-IV complications rates and RO resection rates were similar 6,8% vs 11,8% (p=0.18) and 78% vs 85% p=0.06 respectively . Median OS was 37 months (95% CI ;28,9–45,0) and 53 months (95% CI 48,2–57,2) for NACT and PDS group respectiveley ( p<0.00). Median DFS for NACT group was 12 months (95% CI ;10.2–13.7) and 15 months (95% CI 13.6–16.3) for PDS group ( p=0.002).İn the cox proportional hazard model NACT was associated with dimished DFS and OS (HR:1.3 ,95% CI:1.0–1.7; p=0.001) and (HR:1.6 ,95%CI:1.1–2.4; p=0.001 )

Conclusion/Implications İn our retrospective cohort PDS seems to be more effective in the treatment of Stage III-IV ovarian cancer and patients who treated with PDS had better DFS and OS .

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