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EP161/#718  The association of tumor molecular profiling and clinical trial enrollment in an advanced/recurrent endometrial cancer cohort
  1. Naaman Mehta1,
  2. Sarah Lee2,
  3. Camryn Kenkel3,
  4. Jude Nawlo2,
  5. Edward Jimenez4 and
  6. Bhavana Pothuri2
  1. 1NYU Langone, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, New York City, USA
  2. 2NYU Langone, Gynecologic Oncology, New York, USA
  3. 3NYU Langone, School of Medicine, New York, USA
  4. 4NYU Long Island, Gynecologic Oncology, New York, USA


Introduction To understand the utility of comprehensive genomic profiling (CGP) in endometrial cancer clinical trial enrollment

Methods This was a retrospective chart review of three hospitals (large urban, smaller urban, and large suburban) within one health system. All patients undergoing surgical staging between Jan 2016- Jan 2022 with pathologically confirmed endometrial adenocarcinoma were included. The primary outcome of this study was proportion of patients who were enrolled in a clinical trial. Secondary outcomes were proportion of patients who underwent CGP, and the proportion of patients with an actionable mutation who enrolled in a clinical trial.

Results Of 1099 patients included in this study, 45 (4.1%) patients were enrolled in a trial. 31 (68.9%) of those who were enrolled in a clinical trial had undergone CGP, compared to 14 (31.1%) who had not undergone CGP (p <0.001). Those who had CGP were more likely to be enrolled in a clinical trial compared to those who did not have CGP (OR 13.55, CI 5.82 - 31.56). Of the 31 patients enrolled in trials who had undergone CGP, 24 (77.4%) of patients had an actionable molecular finding on CGP (TP53, 14; HER2 positive, 4; MSI-H, 3; PIK3CA, 5; TMB-H, 2; CCNE amplification, 3; BRCA2, 1; BRCA1 0; POLE, 0). Of 114 patients (10.4%) who had CGP, 56 (49.1%) were White, while 36 (31.6%) were Black (p<0.001).

Conclusion/Implications Patients who have undergone CGP were more 13 times more likely to enroll in a clinical trial. Race may be a barrier to undergoing CGP.

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